Tragedy sparks gun control debate

Community leaders call for more gun control

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee gathered several community members and leaders at Peggy Park, just south of Downtown, Monday night to honor the lives lost in Connecticut's tragic school shooting. She also used the time to talk about gun control and said leaders in Washington need to be reasonable and rationale. 

Jackson Lee said she plans on co-sponsoring new legislation.

"It will be forward thinking while protecting the second amendment," she said.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leading the push to change federal laws and stop new sales of assault weapons and large capacity clips.  The mayor would also like to stop sales at gun shows without background checks.  

"It's an outrage," he said. "We are killing each other."

The deadly school shooting in Connecticut has caused sales of some weapons, that buyers fear could soon be banned, to go up. 

"You're basically punishing law abiding citizens," said one gun enthusiast from Virginia. "If the law says I can own an assault rifle, why can't I own it?  If I'm doing the right thing with it?"

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