Town hall meeting held to consider banning wheeled toys in community

Concern raised for safety of seniors, children, pets

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A town hall meeting took place Thursday night with some potentially tough decisions on the line for a subdivision in Memorial.

As Local 2 reported a few weeks ago, a growing number of residents in the Memorial Drive townhouses have been fed up with a growing problem -- the safety of seniors, children and pets, all in jeopardy from children speeding down sidewalks on bicycles, scooters and other toys.

A flier that was sent to residents a few weeks threatened banning any kind of wheeled vehicle or toy altogether.

"They are valid concerns, you know," said resident Cynthia Boase. "But I have two children and I certainly don't want them not to be able to ride their bike at a really nice park in our community."

The demographics of the 300-person community have shifted in recent years. Not just seniors, but young professionals and families all share the space. They say they're just hoping to share it safely.

"We're just trying to work for the betterment of our community," said Gretchen Holsinger, a board member of the townhome association. "If we can do it with respect and consideration, and don't have to make rules, that's the best outcome for everyone."

"The more you communicate with your neighbor, the less animosity there is and you solve problems," Boase said.

No decision on the wheeled vehicles and toys was made Thursday night. They will take up the issue at their next board meeting on July 22. At this point they hope a ban can be avoided.

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