Tow truck employee posts photo with noose around neck while wearing Obama mask

HOUSTON - During his campaign, Donald Trump made controversial comments about women, Muslims and Mexican immigrants.

The thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators protesting in the streets of cities across our country have come to symbolize the fear felt by many people of color in the wake of his presidential win.

Ashton Woods is a part of the Black Lives Matter Houston movement.

The state of the current political climate is sparking deep worry that Trump's victory will embolden racists to be more outspoken, more public and possibly dangerous.

A picture posted on Facebook of a local tow truck employee wearing what looks like a President Obama mask with a noose around his neck seems to illustrate that belief.

"It brought out the underbelly of our society," Mustafaa Carroll said.

Carroll is executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for Texas.

"The sad part about it is, how do you unify the country that you got into the White House promoting bigotry and misogyny?" Carroll said.

Woods said it's important to stand strong against the bigots who want to publicly vilify minorities.

"It's OK to address these things. We're not our grandparents civil rights movement. As long as everything is peaceful, we will be peaceful," Woods said.

The owner of the tow truck company has been made aware of the picture. He posted on Facebook that it was totally unacceptable and uncalled for and that this is not what his company stands for. He says the situation has been handled, and apologized for the disrespect.

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