Tomball homeowner says workers tore up her yard, fence without notice

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

TOMBALL, Texas - A Houston area homeowner was shocked to come home from work on her lunch break and find several contractors in her backyard. She told KPRC 2 they removed part of her fence to gain access and started digging her up newly laid sod.

"You feel violated," said Denise Kaltenbach. "The gate was locked, the fence was secure."

Kaltenbach said she was given no notice this work was going to happen.

Apparently, workers with MJ Sheridan, a Texas based utility contractor who specializes in gas, were trying to install gas to the home behind Kaltenbach's. They were working in the basement and told KPRC 2 they were within their rights to dig there.

"I'm most upset about the mess that was left," Kaltenbach said. "Nobody had contacted me."

Kaltenbach and her husband had just spent a lot of time and money making improvements to their yard. The sod was only a week old, and they just had put in a new patio. She said the workers didn't clean up and put things back to her liking.

"They've now tore up all the new sod, and they tore up the fence," she said.

Kaltenbach also points out, no one came and marked the "safe" places to dig in her yard. Her neighbor's yard was full of little flags, marking the spots, but in her yard, she said, they just dug where they wanted.

"We don't want their contractors on our property again," she said.

A MJ Sheridan supervisor told Channel 2 they will pay for any damages or come out and fix the backyard.

"That was not communicated to me," Kaltenbach said. "We just want them to make it right."

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