Tolls increase in Harris County

Katy Managed Lanes $14 for full trip

HARRIS COUNTY - Toll rates in Harris County have increased.

As part of a so called "incremental increase," EZ-Tag at main lane plazas will go from $1.40 to $1.45. Entrances and exits will go from $1 to $1.15 for EZ-Tag users, and $1.25 for cash.

During peak hours the Katy Managed Lanes have gone up $2.00. That means if you take the Katy Tollway from start to finish, you'll pay $14.00.

The Katy Managed Lanes toll rate will increase by $1 for a full trip during peak hours, and the tolls at main lane plazas system-wide will go up by a dime for EZ TAG customers and a quarter for cash customers.

These rate changes are in accordance with Harris County's toll rate-setting policy adopted in 2007. The policy calls for annual rate adjustments based on inflation as indicated by the net change in the Consumer Price Index for this region, or a minimum of two percent, whichever is greater.

These annual adjustments were established to ensure that Harris County has the ability to continue to build and maintain a transportation infrastructure that can meet the growing needs of this region.

The Toll Road Authority adjusts tolls on an annual basis based on inflation, with the exception of managed lanes. Those are calculated differently and based on usage. Prices for those can significantly year to year.

Click here to see a full list of incremental increases.

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