Toddler found wandering alone in Third Ward neighborhood

Mother said the 2-year-old sleepwalks

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Police were on a frantic search Thursday morning after a 2-year-old boy was found standing alone in south Houston.

Officials said it happened on the corner of Rosedale and Delano around 5 a.m.

"A man driving by saw the little boy," said neighbor Robert Hardee. "The little boy was by himself, it was dark, no one was around. The next thing I knew, police were called and officers were going door to door trying to find his parents."

As officers knocked on doors up and down the street, concerned neighbors joined the search and brought the little boy toys to play with.

"We didn't know if the parents were in danger, and no one recognized him," said Hardee.

Police eventually took the little boy to CPS to get him out of harm's way.

Hours later, the boy's frantic mother was seen driving down Rosedale looking for him.

"He was on the couch last night, and somehow must have gotten out of the front door," she said. "When I woke up he was gone. It's by the grace of God he's ok." 

According to his mother, the 2-year-old boy sleep walks during the night.

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