Tire thief gets away after chase

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Harris County sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who stole several tires from a Humble trucking company.

Heath Garmon, who owns A and P Transportation at 415 Moonshine in Humble, said he saw thief moments before he took off with his tires Monday morning.

"I came into work, grabbed a cup of coffee and then I noticed seven tires from two of my 18-wheelers were gone," said Garmon. "I went inside and came back out and I saw him loading my tires into the back of a white pickup. We made eye contact and he took off, so I followed him."

Garmon said caught up with the thief at a nearby red light, but the crook took off. Then he noticed there was a deputy in a patrol car at the red light as well.

"I said, 'Hey, that guy just stole my tires,' and the cop took off after him," said Garmon.

After a 10 to 15 minute chase, the thief rammed his truck into a gate along the 2000 block of South Houston Ave. He left the tires and ran.

Deputies brought out a K-9 unit and a helicopter to look for him, but they were not able to track him down.

Garmon, who said the tires cost $500 apiece, got all seven back.

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