Tips to help orphaned wild animals during storms

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HOUSTON - With heavy rainfall in the forecast for much of southeast Texas, the Wildlife Center of Texas is asking people to be on alert for orphaned wild animals who may be impacted by these storms.

"Squirrels are in their second nesting season and the babies can literally be blown or washed to the ground," said Sharon Schmalz, executive director of the Wildlife Center of Texas.

Wildlife experts provided the following tips on what to do if you find a orphaned wild animal:

  1. The most important thing to do if you find a baby wild animal is to make sure it truly is an orphan!
  2. Unless the baby is wet, cold, injured, covered with ants, fly eggs, or maggots or in danger from a predator, simply observe it at a distance for one to two hours.
  3. If the mother does not come back, pick up the baby animal with a washcloth and put it in a box lined with soft rags.  
  4. Do not feed or water the baby!
  5. Bring the orphan to The Wildlife Center of Texas, 7007 Katy Road, Houston, TX 77024 (centrally located in Houston near The Heights).  The Wildlife Center of Texas is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am-4:00 pm for admission of patients. The phone number is 713-861-9453.

Experts said the sooner the orphaned baby can get to The Wildlife Center of Texas, the greater the chance for survival and release back into the wild.

The center is collecting donations to help provide nutritious food and formula, medicine, and veterinary care for these wild orphans. Warming hoods and other much-needed supplies can be found on their wish list.

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