Three arrested in drug bust in Tomball

TOMBALL, Texas - Tomball police and other agencies served a search warrant and arrested three people. Investigators say those arrested are family members -- a husband, wife and their son.

"That's my address and they won't let me come up there. How they know what's in there is not mine," said daughter Christina Stewart.

Stewart was furious not being able to get home. She says it's not the first time police have been here.

"Last time they left 15 marijuana plants and all they found was three pieces of rock," said Stewart.

The area was been under surveillance for weeks as police say they were building their case.

"It's been an ongoing problem with narcotic activity here. In Tomball we have zero tolerance on narcotics," said Captain Rick Grassi with the Tomball Police Department.

SWAT teams swarmed in with a search warrant. In the process of approaching the property police say  two pit bulls became aggressive.

"We had to put a Pit bull down once again; it wasn't until he actually broke a huge chain and its broke collar and lunged toward the officer," said Captain Grassi.

Police say the mother and father were taken into custody immediately. But their son took off.  He was located in field thanks to the DPS helicopter.

"Which played a crucial part in this they were able to locate the foot pursuits and follow suspects until we could get them in custody," said Capt Grassi.

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