Thousands of Africanized bees removed from home

Hives took over garage for years

HOUSTON - Thousands of Africanized honey bees were removed from a home near Katy on Monday.

Cheryl Speakers had several beehives in her garage. After living with the bees for five years, Speakers could not take it anymore and called Gotcha Pest Control for help.

"I was afraid to get out because, I never actually got stung, but they just swarm around if you got near them," said Speakers.

Claude Griffin suited up and tackled the job that took almost two hours.

Honey was dripping down the walls of the garage.

Neighbors said the bees frightened them.

"I don't think they are friendly," neighbor Eugene Zakzewski said. "You mess with them, they are going to take you out."

The cost to remove hives the size of Speakers' is about $2,000.

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