Thousands line up for Thanksgiving pies

HOUSTON - Thousands of pie lovers waited in a long line for Flying Saucer pies on Tuesday.

Many customers waited for more than an hour.

"These pies are out of the world," customer Karolyn Criado said. "They're amazing!"

The company bakes out of five ovens and bakes 24 hours a day to keep up with all of the demand. In three days, Flying Saucer Pie Company, 436 West Crosstimbers, will bake 30,000 pies.

The Leeson family started the company back in 1967. The first pies sold for just 99 cents. It is truly a family owned and operated business. Every member of the family helps out during the holidays.

"It's definitely a family tradition," daughter Katy Leeson said. "It's the one time of the year we're working and coming together. Just for pie!"

The Leeson family said Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, will be even busier for them. They call Wednesday the Super Bowl of Pies!

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