Thieves target parents at daycare

Police: Robbers steal from cars as parents pick up and drop off kids

A routine drop-off for parents in the Museum district is starting to become a routine crime of opportunity for thieves.

Robbers have been targeting parents dropping off their kids at the Montessori Country Daycare at Caroline and Southmore, authorities said.

According to one mother, the crooks work fast.

"It was a matter of like 90 seconds," said Karrie Wheatley. "My car window had been busted in and they stole my purse."

Wheatley's four-year-old attends the day care. Wheatley said she discovered the crime Tuesday after she took her child inside and walked back to her car.

"I shouldn't have left my purse in the car. I should've taken it inside with me. But I didn't realize that we're being targeted," said Wheatley.

It's the fourth time a parent was robbed during early morning drop-off, and the second time this week, officials said.

Just one day before, a robber struck with a young child in the car. Authorities said the thief reached over the child and stole a purse and laptop bag before the mother could make it back outside.

Police and school officials said they plan to review the school's exterior security camera footage to see if any of the robberies were caught on tape.

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