Thieves target cars, garages in southwest Houston neighborhoods

HOUSTON - Police are looking for the suspect, or suspects, responsible for a crime spree that's targeting three southwest Houston neighborhoods.

In the past few days, ten car burglaries have been reported in the Meyerland, Marilyn Estates, and Maplewood neighborhoods.

Police said the burglar, or burglars, are getting into unlocked cars in driveways or going through unlocked doors of garages.

Richard Abramowitz walked out to his driveway early Tuesday morning to find the door to his SUV wide open.

He said the burglars didn't take anything because nothing of value was inside. But the attempted theft isn't sitting well with Abramowitz, who has lived in this neighborhood for three peaceful years.

"Surprised. Felt violated. You know, any time you get robbed or violated like that you certainly feel violated," said Abramowitz.

Abramowitz was informed of the burglary by his next-door neighbors who were also hit that night. Homeowners said the string of crimes has them changing their habits.

"I think we're going make sure, extra special, that we don't have anything out where people can see," says Dr. Catherine Boston. "Especially in the cars or anything in the house that's of value, where people can see it."

Police said in crimes like these burglars are likely looking for cell phones, electronics, and other gadgets they can quickly sell.

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