Thieves target cars at dog park

HOUSTON - A woman's afternoon with her puppy last Sunday turned into an expensive reminder that crime can happen anywhere.

Criss Ruiz said someone broke into her car while she took her dog to play at the Danny Jackson Dog Park off Westpark Drive.

"It felt terrible. That's never happened to me before," said Ruiz.

Someone busted out the window of Ruiz's car and several other vehicles and stole personal belongings.

"Nobody heard anything crashing. It's a busy area where people are in and out with their dogs," said Ruiz.

Ruiz said she couldn't believe that crooks would strike in broad daylight, in a parking lot that isn't that far from dozens of people and where dogs of all sizes play.

"I'm glad nobody got hurt, but it feels terrible. The worst thing that can happen just trying to bring your dog to a park," said Ruiz.

Ruiz said she has to pay out of pocket to have her shattered window replaced. She also has to obtain a new driver's license, social security card and other items.

Now, she said she isn't sure if she ever wants to bring her dog back to the park.

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