Thieves take everything from Houston area family including dog

The homeowner said he pulled up to the house and knew something was wrong

HOUSTON - A Houston couple was wiped out by thieves who took electronics, their car and even their dog.

The Bichon named Missy disappeared Tuesday after a break in at Briar Village on Highway 6 and Westheimer. The dog's owner, David, said he believes the little dog was stolen or possibly jumped in the stolen vehicle on her own.

"Missy likes to travel and if my wife's car door is open or if the car doors open, she's in and you've got to pry her out," said David, who did not want to release his last name.

David said he pulled up to the house yesterday after a few hours of errands and immediately knew something was wrong. The garage door was open and the front door had been kicked in. His first thoughts were of his dogs, who are usually secured in the kitchen. One of them was inside but Missy was gone.

"They cleared us out. They got TV's, electronics, money, a car. They used my wife's car to haul away my stuff and unknowingly or knowingly took my dog," said David.

Neighbors helped post fliers across the neighborhood. After an entire day of worrying, David got a phone call Wednesday morning from a woman who had found Missy about three miles away.

Though David still doesn't know who broke into his home or what happened to his wife's car, he is relieved to have Missy home.

"Money is money. I got my dog back," said David.

The stolen vehicle is described as a dark blue 2013 Honda CRV. If you have any information, please call Houston Police.

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