Thieves steal woman's purse in strip mall parking lot

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter
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HOUSTON - Houston police tell Local 2 a woman had just left a bank and driven to a local animal hospital when two robbers confronted her in the parking lot and stole her purse.

Investigators believe she was followed from the bank.

"It's unfortunate that happened to her," said Mohammed Marfa, who owns the stereo and cellphone store just two doors down. 

He said the robbers were bold to commit such a violent crime in the middle of the afternoon and they must have acted fast because Marfa and other workers at the strip mall said they didn't see a thing. 

Being followed from a bank is a crime trend Local 2 news has reported on before. Police call it jugging. 

Suspects follow people after getting cash and then either rob them or break into their cars and steal the money. 

In fact, just last week it happened to former Houston Texans football player Ed Reed.  Sources said he had $50,000 stolen off the front seat of his car after leaving one bank and running into another. 

"You got to make sure you're safe wherever you are," Marfa said. "You can't trust anyone nowadays."

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