Thieves steal thousands in equipment from Atascocita football league

$9k - $11k worth of equipment stolen from Humble Area Football League

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

ATASCOCITA, Texas - Thieves stole between $9,000 and $11,000 in gear from the Humble Area Football League's storage building.

Last Thursday, someone broke into the storage facility at Lindsey Lyons Park in Atascocita. The thieves cut a hole in the ceiling, crawled through the attic and a 12 by 12 inch hole and got inside the building.

"I have a 5-year-old son and I think it would be hard for him to get through it," said League President Gene Pena. "When I found out that they took our vehicle, I was devastated because there's no way we can operate without that. It pretty much is the key to our every day operations. When a kid gets injured, we use it to transport them out to the parking lot. Very hard for an ambulance to get back here."

Pena said thieves stole tools, football gear and the league's utility SUV. He said it was not covered by the league's insurance.

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