Thieves steal nearly $1M in smash-and-grab robbery

Five people believed involved in heist, police say

By Aaron Barker - Senior Web Editor

HOUSTON - High-priced jewelry, exclusive and expensive, was swiped in a matter of moments.

Police say the smash and grab jewelry heist happened in broad daylight at De Boulle Tuesday evening in the River Oaks area, leaving those in the jewelry business on edge.

Steven Silver, the president of Jewelry Appraisal Services said, "It appears it was very very well organized. It wasn't just a random type thing."

Investigators say four armed thieves rushed in, busted display cases and snagged nearly $900,000 in jewelry before taking off with a getaway driver and car waiting nearby.

"It's very scary. Very scary for those in the jewelry industry here in town or pretty much anywhere in the country," said Silver.

Jewelry experts like Silver say in cases like these, the crooks likely have a game plan to get rid of the stolen goods.

Silver mentioned, "Someone goes into and smashes counters and takes a million dollars in jewelry, all various kinds necklaces rings and watches, they probably have a means of disposing it."

Silver said despite even having serial numbers inscribed into pieces and even the jewels themselves in some instances, that doesn't guarantee they will ultimately be traced.

"If there's interest in removing that laser inscription it's not really that difficult so that it becomes totally untraceable," said Silver.

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