Thieves steal luxury cars from lot

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - Some very thorough burglars are targeting a used car lot. Someone broke into the office for the lot and stole the keys to all of the cars, then they left with two high-end cars. The owner worries the crooks will be back for the rest of the vehicles.

This all happened overnight at Jeovanni's Auto Sales & Repair in the 8000 block of South Kirkwood. The owner, Jeovanni Sanchez got to work to find two of his nicest cars gone.

"We saw the cars missing so we came inside and saw the mess in the office and called the police," said Sanchez.

He says being in business is tough but criminals are making it even tougher.

"Now I'm losing money, not making money," Sanchez said.

They've only been open on South Kirkwood for four or five months. Just a month ago thieves stole a compressor from behind the dealership. Then Monday night they took two high-end cars.

"Most likely it's going to be hard to find them because they don't have no plates," said Sanchez.

They stole a 2003 gray Lexus IS 300 fixed up drop with rims on it and 2004 black Jaguar.

"They are going to go and take them apart and sell the parts most likely. Those are the cars that the parts are more expensive," Sanchez said.

They also stole the keys for all the other cars on the lot, too.

"They took all the keys so most likely they're going to try to come back and get the ones with the rims," said Sanchez.

The crooks broke in through a window. Sanchez doesn't have security cameras yet. He's planning to rekey the other cars so the crooks can't take those, too.

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