Thieves steal family's cars, liquor

HOUSTON - A man in northwest Harris County woke up to some shocking news Thursday morning when his wife discovered their family's two cars had been stolen right out of the garage.

Jeff, who didn't want to release his last name, said his wife noticed the cars missing at their home in the 13100 block of Advance and immediately called the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

"I always had a dog. My dog died three months ago. Nobody has ever bothered me and now, since he died, I can see why. They just came straight in through my house into my detached garage.  They were looking for other stuff, saw the keys, I guess, and took off with them and stole both cars," said Jeff.

Deputies quickly found the cars and caught two of the three thieves at a nearby abandoned home. 

"The officer says, 'Don't worry, I know I'm going to find them because most of the time the guys find a vacant house like this here, pull the cars into the house and then they use the cars for another burglary somewhere else.' Sure enough, he called me … 'I need you to get to this house to identify your cars, but I have your two cars here.' I was blown away," Jeff said.

Detectives said the three thieves also got away with stolen liquor from Jeff's garage. Sheriff's also recovered that.

"We'll have a good Texans tailgate party this coming weekend," Jeff said.

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