Thieves steal basic-model rims

HPD: Crooks go after more than fancy rims

HOUSTON - Thieves looking to make a quick buck are targeting the rims on cars, but not the fancy rims you may think.

Crooks stole the tires and rims off two rental vehicles at the Montierra apartment complex on Sage in the Galleria area this weekend.

Police said even though the rims were a basic model and not the high-end brand, thieves can still make money selling them online.

Investigators said most vehicle thefts happen overnight, so park in a garage, if possible. If you have to park outside, choose a well-lit area. And parking between cars at shopping centers can deter thieves who won't have as much space to work.

A store that sells rims and tires said owners should also invest in wheel locks to protect their investment.

"We do strongly suggest to get a full set of locks (for each rim)," said Felix Rivas with Rollo's Solutions.

Rivas said most rims also have a serial number on them. Owners should jot the number down in case the rims are ever stolen because it can help police track them down.

Aside from the tire and rim thefts, HPD said auto thefts are up 13 percent this year over last.

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