Thieves steal ATM after breaking into Katy church

Pastor believes suspects may have been at church before

KATY, Texas - Police are searching for the thieves responsible for breaking into a Katy church and stole an ATM inside.

The thieves broke in and went straight to the Pentecostals of Katy's cafe and stole the ATM.

Pastor Robert McKee believes the thieves had been here before.

"I imagine at least two people would have to carry it," said McKee. "It's about 400 pounds."

McKee said sometime early Sunday morning, two people broke into the church, shattered their glass doors and stole their ATM.

"When we arrived this morning, there were tire marks on the property," McKee said. "So apparently someone had pulled up and loaded up the ATM machine onto the vehicle and pulled away."

Several hours before the incident, McKee said during a church event, a suspicious looking couple was seen canvasing the church. After they were approached, they left.

McKee said they gave the descriptions to police and they hope it will lead to an arrest.

"We gave some evidence to police. They left some things behind, so hopefully it will lead to an arrest," said McKee.

Local 2's Camille Williams reported the doors of the church were replaced and things were business as usual at the church Sunday evening as they held a service at 6 p.m.

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