Thieves steal $3000 worth of equipment at Acres Homes church

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Pastor Carl Colston continues to survey the heartbreaking damage after someone broke into his small church in the Acres Homes community.  

The thieves got away with more than $3,000 worth of equipment at the True Love Disciples of Christ Church.

"Can you believe that?  We are True Love Church," says Pastor Colston.  "You think that the love of Christ, they would not do that to the love of Christ because all we are trying to do is love on this community."

The crooks responsible broke into the church on Wheatley Street near I-45 and Tidwell on either Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Pastor Colston discovered the break-in himself when he arrived Wednesday for weekly bible study.  It's a huge loss for a small church whose members are far from wealthy.       

"That's quite a bit of money for a small church who's trying to survive and be an active support into the community," the pastor said.

Pastor Colston says he and several other churches have been targeted in Acres Homes over the past few months.  He says he's praying for patience, but stealing from the neighborhood's churches needs to stop.

"We need to figure out what can we do to try to eliminate so much theft that's going on right now," he says.

Perhaps the most important item stolen was the church's generator.  It's what they use to power the entire church, and the pastor says they desperately need to replace it. 

They are asking for donations, and if anyone would like to help, they can contact the church at either (713) 553-7151, or at

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