Thieves make off with ATM during gas station robbery

The clerk on duty quit his job out of fear for his life after the store where he worked was hit by thieves

HOUSTON - A clerk quit his job out of fear for his life after the store where he worked was hit by thieves. Cameras rolled as four men smashed their way in and took off with an ATM.

Police say a truck smashed through the store front Wednesday morning. Four men got out and grabbed the ATM machine and within seconds were gone, and the whole thing was caught on camera.

Just after 3 a.m. Wednesday, surveillance footage shows a couple of masked men jump out of a truck at the Chevron on Wayside and Lyons.

The clerk inside is counting cash, oblivious to what happens next. The green Dodge pickup smashes through the front window.

"They just came in and it didn't even take them two minutes," said store owner Mushtaq Khan.

Actually, it took the four masked men only 35 seconds to rush in, drag the ATM onto the bed of the truck and take off. The stunned clerk has his hands up, but thieves don't even acknowledge him. They're only there for the cash machine.

"After they left and he was hiding behind there and he was so shook up," Khan said.

The store owner tells us the clerk was so shook up that he quit.

"He just sent us the text message. He said I'm so sorry, I'm not going to be able to work anymore," said Khan.

He says the thieves did nearly $10,000 in damage to his store, not to mention the tens of thousands in cash in the ATM that was stolen. He also says he fears these thieves are only becoming more fearless.

"We are just so horrified every day of the week. Is something gonna happen? Is something gonna happen?" Khan said.

The owner tell us this is the fifth time that a store that he owns has been robbed in just the last three or four months.

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