Thieves in Spring target churches and Boy Scouts

Boy Scout troops have equipment stolen, out thousands

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

SPRING, Texas - Three churches in Spring had sheds on their property broken into and several expensive items stolen.

"I was never expecting someone to break into a church and take our stuff," said Buddy Sullivan, a scoutmaster for Boy Scout troop #78. 

The troop uses a shed at St. Timothy's Church on Louetta Road to store equipment and supplies, including four kayaks that were stolen. Each was worth about $400. 

"Yeah, stealing from kids basically," Sullivan said. 

Plymouth United Methodist Church, just down the street, was also broken into. The Boy Scout troop there had some archery equipment stolen and a telescope. The total cost is more $3,000. 

Christ the Good Shepherd Church on Klein Church Road had three outdoor units broken into but nothing was taken. 

"I just think they're targeting the churches in the area because it's easy access," said parent Bridgett Lewis.  

Troop leaders want other churches in the Spring area to know this is happening so they can protect themselves. 

"The church is looking at security and putting up more lighting and there's going to be several things that are going to be done differently," Sullivan said.

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