Thieves carjack mom in front of son

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A mother was punched and carjacked in front of her young child at her northeast Harris County apartment complex.

When 4-year-old Joseph Salas and his mom, Ariane Dearing were coming home, Sunday night, they noticed two men near the front of the Haverstock Hills apartment complex. 

She said the men came into the apartment complex off of Aldine Bender and first acted like they were knocking on a door near her apartment.

"I felt like, that's probably the neighbor's friend, so I got out," she said. "Got my son out, I got out, closed the door, got the groceries out of the trunk, closed it, locked it."

Dearing said that was when the men attacked.  She said they pushed her down. 

"They were holding me like this to my face ... had their hands all over my face.  I couldn't see my son.  All I did was hear him screaming and that scared me, so I bit the guy and then he punched me in the face."

She said the men stole her keys and took off in her 2008 maroon Honda Civic. 

She is 29 years old and that Civic was her first car. 

"I really, really want my car back, for my kids," Dearing said. 

She hopes someone will see her car and call authorities. Dearing reported the carjacking to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

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