Thieves break into Salvation Army community center 4 times

HOUSTON - Burglars have repeatedly targeted an organization created to help those in need.

When Sujang Na arrived at work at the Salvation Army of Greater Houston's International Corps Community Center in the 5700 block of Ranchester on Sunday, she said something just didn't feel right.

"The minute we opened this door we saw a hole in the wall," she said.

Na, who runs the community center, said everything was out of place. Thieves ransacked the center and got away with thousands of dollars worth of donated items.

"How could they do it … to a community center?" Na wondered.

Houston police said the break-in happened over the weekend. Investigators said the burglars used some sort of tool to break through a wall made of sheetrock to get inside.

The thieves grabbed whatever appeared to be of value. Speakers, TV sets and a video camera were among the things stolen.

Na said this is not the first time burglars have broken into the center. It's been targeted four times in the past month.

"I want them to stop … stop doing this to the community," Na said.

Anyone interested in making donations to the center to help them repair the damage is asked to call 713-998-5201.

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