Thieves break into Houston home while children sleep

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston mother is still unnerved after crooks not only broke into her home in broad daylight and stole a valuable appliance, but did so with her three daughters inside and sound asleep.

The thieves came in right through the front door.

"It's an old door and it probably wasn't very hard for them to open," said mother Carly McKee. "They just pushed it right open."

The break-in happened Monday afternoon in East Houston near Uvalde and Kokomo. Police said at least two robbers broke in and stole a 55-inch flat-screen television in the family's living room.

McKee said she believes the robbers would've taken more if one of her daughters hadn't awakened when she heard the crooks outside.

"She looked out this window here and they saw her look out the window and it scared them off. They jumped in the car and left," McKee said.

In the usually quiet neighborhood, none of the neighbors witnessed the crime. McKee said she is just thankful her daughters weren't harmed, and said she will be looking for a new television as soon as she can afford one.

"I had just paid it off last weekend," said McKee. "I had just paid it off. It's been seven days now."

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