Thief breaks into store through hole in roof

HOUSTON - A crook was caught on camera breaking into a southwest Houston cellphone store through the roof.

Surveillance video caught the heist at the Cell Phone Wholesale store in the 3600 block of Hillcroft early Tuesday.

The robber broke into the store through a hole that was cut in the roof.

"I was shocked. Like, what happened? How did it happen? Why? Why did it happen," said Saira Siddiqa, the store owner. "He must be really watching a lot of movies, thinking they can string down and all that."

After stuffing his pockets with cellphones, the thief slid the back of the counter open and grabbed as many phones as he could carry.

Siddiqa said the burglar took more than 40 smartphones, valued at about $650 each.

"I lost everything. We never ever expected someone would come (through) the roof. Never," Siddiqa said.

The crook tried to escape back up the rope that he scooted down to get inside the store. But the extra weight from the cellphones caused the rope to snap and he fell back onto the floor. The thief then used a stool to boost himself up to escape.

When police arrived, all they found was debris and an empty stool.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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