The Food-For-Pot Program

A man tried to pay his bill at Denny's with marijuana.

By Owen Conflenti - Anchor
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Niagara Falls, N.Y. - Don't you hate when this happens?  You go to a restaurant, wolf down your meal, then realize you only have $1 in your pocket.  As you plan your escape through the fire exit, voila!  You find that stash of pot in your pocket and come up with the bright idea of trying to barter the marijuana for the meal.  When that doesn't work, you figure "why not sell it to some other customers and THEN I'll have money to pay the tab."  No dice there either.  This story apparently played out very similarly in Niagara Falls according to this article in the Buffalo News.  I really wish we had a mugshot of the suspect but cops are still looking for him.  Oh, and the meal was $9.91 by the way.

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