World War II vet burglarized while he slept

Vet, 94, says someone stole pistol from his bedside table

BAYTOWN, Texas - We told you last week about the rising crime rate in Baytown and on Monday we came across a World War II veteran who was burglarized while he slept.

The vet says someone forced their way inside his home through the back, then went straight for his bedroom, where he was sound asleep, and swiped his gun from his night stand.

Tom Slack, 94, showed us where he's kept his pistol every night for years until Monday morning.

"The first thing I noticed, that pistol was not there. It always stayed on that little stand," Slack told Local 2.

He says sometime after he went to bed Sunday night someone broke his door frame and pried their way into his Baytown home.

"They were after the gun. They knew that gun was here," he said.

Slack, who just lost his wife of 69 years, says nothing was taken except his pistol.

"Of course, I don't have anything to steal. I got some cookies," said Slack.

"He's hard of hearing. His hearing is difficult and his eyesight is also an issue," said Rindy Gremillion, a Meal on Wheels volunteer.

That is why Slack says he didn't notice the burglar just inches from where he was sleeping.

"He had to walk right up, where I could touch him," said Slack.

Gremillion told us, "So it could've been very tragic. It makes me sad just thinking about it."

Even though the 94-year-old wasn't hurt, he says he wishes he would've at least had the chance to confront the burglar.

"I'm mad. I'm mad that someone would come in my house and get my pistol," Slack told us. "I'd kill the son of a (bleep) if I could find him."

Slack says now he's just focused on getting the door fixed and getting a new gun.

The Meals on Wheels volunteer we saw in the story says she plans on getting a group together to fix Slack's door, and even maybe get him an extra loud alarm that he'd be able to hear.

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