Women use hammer to fight back against home intruder

HOUSTON - A man is accused of breaking into an apartment and attacking three female residents, but the women fought back against that intrude using a hammer and and anything else they could find.

The victims say the suspect had already been to their apartment three times, so when he came back a fourth time and broke a window, they were ready for him.

"He picked the wrong apartment that day. Messing with women," said one of the victims.

A booking photo shows 22-year-old Bobby Seth Johnson with a noticeable injury on his head after police say he broke into a Lockwood apartment on Saturday afternoon. The women who live inside say it was the fourth day in a row he'd been to the apartment, asking for someone who didn't live there, even forcing his way inside the day before.

On Monday, they say he knocked on the front door and then disappeared. When he broke a back window, three women were waiting armed with a Taser, a knife and a hammer.

"When he climbed in, he was walking towards us from the kitchen. And we hit him and we started swinging on him with a hammer and a knife, trying to protect ourselves," said one of the victims.

The women say during the struggle, the hammer got dropped and Johnson managed to grab it and hit one of them. Their mother also ended up getting punched in the eye. Still, the women weren't done fighting.

"'He just kept saying please, please, just let me leave. I don't have anything. Just let me go,'" the victim told Local 2. "I really wanted us to try and keep him until police showed up, but some kind of way he turned and he fell out of the window."

The women say after falling through the front window, Johnson ran away, but one them chased him to a nearby grocery store where he was eventually arrested by police.

"He hit my kids. He better be glad that he hit me and I couldn't see very well. Because I would have stabbed his butt," said the victim.

Johnson is facing charges that include aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and burglary with intent to commit felony. Bond is set at $100,000.

Court records show Johnson's prior convictions include theft, possession of a prohibited weapon and possession of marijuana.

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