Woman robbed in broad daylight in her own driveway

She's turning the tables with surveillance video of the thief

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston woman returned home and was robbed in broad daylight right in her own driveway. Although she became a victim, she's turning the tables with surveillance video of the thief.

"I'm very scared now; a lot more so than I have ever been," says Monica Vigil.

She is shaken up after being attacked in her own driveway Tuesday afternoon. You can see in the surveillance video that as she pulled up to her house around 4pm, she was followed by a silver sedan. As she got out of her car, she noticed a suspicious man walking next to the car.

"Somebody from the inside of the car opened the back door, so he started to walk like he was going to get in the car so I thought everything was fine," Vigil said.

She let her guard down and started walking towards her front door.

"I get about a foot from my front door and all of a sudden I am slammed, pushed from behind and slammed into my front door. I fell down and he took my purse and ran," she said.

With adrenaline pumping, she decided to fight back.

"I got him right here in the street before he got in the car and pushed him and tried to grab my purse, the purse flung and landed in the street," Vigil said.

All this time, her husband was watching their security cameras in their house and saw his wife being attacked.

"I just took off running, I jumped in the car basically and grabbed the guy who assaulted her by the throat and was holding on to the door with my one hand, trying to pull him out, and then the guy behind him, said pull him in, and one was saying speed up, and they took and that is when they lost me," said Ron Vigil.

The Vigils both suffered some bad road rash and Ron sprained his ankle.

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