Woman claims she found metal in sausage

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HOUSTON - A woman is upset after she said she found a piece of metal in her sausage patty.

Tomiko Savannah said she bought the sausage from a grocery store and found a piece of metal, about the size of a quarter, in one of the patties.

"When I spit the patty out, I looked in my hand and it wasn't my gold tooth, it was a silver piece of metal that came out of the patty," said Savannah.

Savannah said she used her camera to document the incident. She said she sent the patty with the metal piece to the manufacturer, Purnell Sausage. She said she also found metal shavings inside another patty from a different box.

Savannah she said she received a $7 coupon and an apology letter from the company.

"We apologize for the problem, and do everything possible to put out a good quality product. If there's a problem, we definitely want to know about it and we will do everything to correct it," the company said in the letter.

"I paid more than $7 for the box of sausage. So that kind of made me feel bad," Savannah said.

Savannah said she contacted the United States Department of Agriculture in hopes the agency would conduct an investigation.

"I want the sausage off the market before someone gets physically hurt," said Savannah.

KPRC Local 2 contacted the president of Purnell Sausage to see if the product would be pulled from store shelves. So far, no one has responded.

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