Woman charged with stealing credit cards at hospitals

Dozens ripped off, woman charged

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Harris County Sheriff's detectives filed charges against a woman suspected of posing as a nurse and stealing credit cards from hospital workers.

Harris County records show Robin Pamela Carmouche is charged with third-degree felony credit card abuse. However, Carmouche has not yet been arrested.

"She has been out every single day, still victimizing other nurses, doctors, and anybody in a hospital setting," said Jeff Stauber, a lieutenant with the Harris County Sheriff's Office's burglary and theft division.

Investigators said they identified Carmouche last week following a KPRC Local 2 story that aired on Wednesday.

Stauber said Carmouche is a suspect in dozens of cases.

"Our suspect has been relentless," said Stauber. "This lady is just at will, everyday. That's her job, to go out and cruise these hospitals and clinics."

Stauber said Carmouche works fast.

Investigators said after she stole a doctor's credit card at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center last month, she immediately went on a $1,500 spending spree at Wal-Mart and Target.

Surveillance cameras captured what investigators said is Carmouche entering and leaving the stores.

Last Tuesday, detectives said they missed her by a couple of hours at a Best Buy. Investigators said they went to the store to pick up surveillance video for one case and were told Carmouche had just been at the business using yet another victims credit cards to buy iPods.

Detectives said they believe Carmouche is working with someone, but they have yet to identify the two men Carmouche was spotted with on surveillance video leaving two different stores. Stauber also warned anyone who works in a hospital to not simply assume a person works there just because they're wearing scrubs.

"We want the employees of these hospitals and clinics to be a little more vigilant," said Stauber.

Stauber did add vigilance may not be enough in these cases.

Detectives said on one occasion a hospital administrator questioned Carmouche when she said she was at the hospital to pick up records.

Investigators said Carmouche made up a story about leaving her identification in her car and as she was leaving the facility she grabbed an other nurse's purse.

Stauber said Carmouche has a tattoo on the top of her right hand and may be driving a dark colored Honda Prelude.

Harris County records show Carmouche already has a criminal record for credit card abuse, theft, evading detention, trespassing, failure to identify herself to a police officer, and fraudulent use of an ID.

If you have any information about this case, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.

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