Woman accused of using box cutter in attempt to rob wigs from SW Houston beauty shop

After getting caught trying ot walk out with some wigs, she returned with a box cutter

HOUSTON - A woman was charged with robbery after trying to walkout without paying at a southwest Houston wig shop.

According to authorities, around 5 p.m. Saturday, Michelle Ketchum went into the Beauty and Beast on 5711 Hillcroft and tried to walk out with multiple wigs.

According to employees Kuk Hong and Ramona Ramirez, Ketchum has stolen wigs from them many times before Saturday.

"She literally just tried to take the wig again with everybody watching," Ramirez said.

Surveillance cameras showed a woman in the aisle, pulling an alarm sensor off a wig.

According to Hong, that's when he walked over and snatched the wig from her and escorted her out of the store.

"I have to fight. Even though I don't want it, I have to do that," Hong said.

Minutes after Hong escorted the woman out, she came back in holding a weapon at her waist.

"She showed me the knife. She came in and she snatched again, the wig," said Hong.

Store cameras show the woman grab the wig from the counter and run, with Hong right behind her.

Hong continued to struggle with the woman outside the store, but the woman refused to let go.

More employees and even shoppers jumped in to help, before the knife and wig was taken from Ketchum's grasp.

Ketchum ran off after the struggle.

Police said they caught up with Ketchum and arrested her for robbery.

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