When is best time of day to get in a workout in summer heat?

Doctors say the time of day you work out can make a huge difference

HOUSTON - It's important to get out and get your exercise every day, but that's not always easy in the Houston heat. So doctors say the time of day you work out can make a huge difference.

The heat of summer can be unbearable, but Houston diehards who still want that outdoor workout find a way to get it done.

"I like sweating. That's why I think the heat works for me. I don't like running in the cold," said on jogger with whom we spoke.

"When I feel the most hot, it's not out here. It's when I'm dressed at The Galleria or something in the parking lot," said another Houstonian.

But when you get in that workout matters.

"You want to pay very close attention to the hours of the day in which you run, particularly in mid-summer, avoiding those mid-hot, summer hours and going more towards earlier morning or later evening," said Dr. Susan Joy with the Cleveland Clinic.

It's not just the temperature you want to pay attention to, but also the humidity. It's a good idea to work out in moisture wicking clothes. And don't forget to pace yourself.

"It takes most people at least a week to start getting the initial adaptations to the heat, so you want to start slowly," said Dr. Joy.

Doctors says it's also important to drink water as you work out. If it lasts for an hour or more, you may also want to try a sports drink to replace the electrolytes you've lost.

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