Want more people to find you attractive? Play up your flaws

Online dating site says it could land you more dates

By Jenelle Shriner - News Executive Producer
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HOUSTON - Want more people to find you attractive? Play up your flaws. That's according to a blog post called "The Mathematics of Beauty" from dating site OKCupid.com.

The online dating site analyzed data from some of its most messaged female members, and asked the question:  why do some women get more messages than others?

According to the data, an attractive woman receives roughly four times the messages an average-looking woman gets, and 25 times as many as a woman deemed less attractive.   The study sampled 5,000 women and sorted them by how many messages they received per month. 

What the study found interesting was that women who were rated "cute" by a majority of men actually received fewer messages than women who received a wide range of responses.      

"If someone doesn't think you're hot, the next best thing for them to think is that you're ugly," the post read.  That's because the wider the range of response, the more likely you are to be exactly what someone is looking for.

The end result of the study?  If you want people to find you more attractive, play up the things you think people might not like.   

"If you're a little chubby, play it up.  If you have a big nose, play it up.  If you have a weird snaggletooth, play it up: statistically, the guys who don't like it can only help you, and the ones who do like it will be all the more excited."

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