Video of two women fighting in Houston street goes viral

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - It's video of a fight in the middle of a southwest Houston street and because of a motorist who pulled out his cell phone, the footage has now gone viral. It went from just a few hundred shares on Facebook to a few thousand to tens of thousands, all in just a matter of days.

A young Houston delivery driver was driving along, saw something absolutely nuts, and he did get video of it.

It was just a run of the mill fender bender until the drivers got bent out of shape. Charles Scott, 27, was on his route Friday when at the corner of South Gessner and Harwin, he was surprised to see an argument about a minor traffic mishap turn into a no holds barred brawl.

"The white girl was like yo why'd you hit my car and the black girl was cursing. The white girl tried to leave, but the black girl was still talking," Scott said.

It got ugly in a hurry and every frame of it was captured on Scott's iPhone.  As is customary these days, he instantly uploaded it to Facebook, and three days later it's an internet sensation, rocketing toward 20,000 shares.

"Well, I intended to (call the cops) but it's not every day you get to see stuff like that. So I put on my camera and recorded it," Scott said.

Truth be told, police don't want you mixing in, getting in the middle of a fight intervening like that. But they do want you to call give them a call and this case the call was never made.

After the fight ended, both women got in their cars and left the scene. It does not appear an accident report was ever filed.; looks like the drivers just settled the matter on the street.

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