Victim: Fake repo men steal car

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - A Baytown woman says two people came to her door claiming to be repo workers and stole her car on Sunday.

The woman, Shannon Garrison, said it happened at her home on Alford Street. 

According to Garrison, two people showed up at her house demanding the keys for her blue 1997 Ford Mustang.  

"Said they were here to repossess the car. So I assumed that it was the loan company," said Garrison. 

She said it was a convincing story because she was four days behind on her $130 dollar car payment that month.

Garrison said she gave them the key and they took off. 

"I went in the house and I cried. I thought, I can't believe they didn't contact me or give me more time. I couldn't believe that they repossessed my car after four days and I found out that it wasn't even them," said Garrison.

She said the loan company called on Wednesday and asked why she had not made her payment. That was when she realized that her car was stolen.

Garrison said called the Baytown Police. Authorities are now investigating.

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