United Airlines passenger says superglue dropped on hair

HOUSTON - A woman aboard a flight from San Diego to Houston said a United Airlines maintenance worker dripped superglue in her hair.

"When the flight attendant said, 'Hey, you got superglue in her hair,' he totally ignored the comment, wouldn't look at me, wouldn't make any comment and replaced the seat cushion and walked out," said Karen Reed, the passenger.

Reed said the worker needed to fix a portion of the overhead bin above her seat. The glue, she said, dripped everywhere, including in her hair.

Reed had to cut out huge chunks of her hair to get it out.

She filed several complaints with United and the Department of Transportation because she said the airline did nothing.

A United Airlines representative told Local 2, "We are reaching out to Ms. Reed to apologize and offer compensation as an appreciation of her business."

"I don't know if I'd fly United again," Reed said.

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