UH police investigating phone thefts

HOUSTON - The University of Houston Police Department is investigating a series of cell phone thefts that have occurred on campus over the past two weeks.

Police said each theft has a similar suspect description and similar method of operation. In these incidents, the suspect approached students and asked to borrow their cell phone before running away when the student was distracted.

Officials said the suspect has not been aggressive or violent.

UH police said a friend of one potential victim was able to snap a photo of the man who has been identified as Michael Montes.

Montes has been charged in one cell phone theft, but police said he could face several more charges. 

According to UH police, three of theft occurred last week, and two this week at MD Anderson Library, Melcher Hall and the UC Satellite dining area.

Police said Montes is not a student on campus. They said he was likely selling the stolen phones for cash.

"You want to think of your cell phone as a $600-700 computer," said Capt. Bret Collier with UH police. "It's expensive and has your personal information on it. Treat it accordingly."

Montes is not yet in custody and UH is working with other poice departments to see what other cases he is involved in.

Anyone with information on Montes or these incidents is asked to call the University of Houston Police Department at 713-743-3333.

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