Two suspects arrested after robbery at metal recycling business

The owners say the business has been robbed three times before

HOUSTON - The owners of a scrap metal shop say they are fed up after they were robbed three times before. But this time, two suspects left in handcuffs.

Police say an employee from the business chased the robbers, called police and two people ended up in the back of a police car.

Police arrested two men in connection with a robbery at USA Iron & Metal on East Mount Houston in northeast Houston.  Police say one man walked into the business, pulled this gun and robbed the employees inside.  They say the other was driving the getaway car.  There was a report someone fired a gun.

"It was said at one time at a different location down the road, but we haven't found any shell casings or any evidence of that," said Officer T. Reese with the Houston Police Department.

The two were arrested with the help of Harris County sheriff's deputies not far away after police say an employee of USA Iron followed them and called for help.

"My son ain't ever did nothing like this.  So I don't know," said Monica Shaw.

She says her son, Allen Shaw, is a suspect, but did nothing wrong.  Police did not agree.

"Hindering, apprehension, helping the guy escape," said Officer Reese.

"I never thought he would do anything like that.  I didn't raise my kids to steal," Shaw said.

Police say the car and the suspects' clothing match the description of the robbers.  Two men are headed to jail as a mother asked her own questions to her son sitting in the back of a police car.

"What did I tell you about picking up people?  You don't know what they're doing," she said.

The owner of the business says the same two suspects have hit his business at least three times before.

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