Truck with dog inside stolen from Walmart parking lot

Man says his Chihuahua was inside truck

HOUSTON - A man says his truck was stolen from the parking lot of the Walmart on I-10 and Silber in northwest Houston.

When the man, Jerry Hnatiuk, first discovered his truck was stolen, he said his truck wasn't his first concern. That's because inside his truck was his four year old long-haired Chihuahua, Deuce.

"Anybody who has dogs will understand," said Hnatiuk. "Dogs are like children and he needs us to protect him. When the truck was gone, it was insignificant. I just really need to get Deuce back."

According to Hnatiuk, he left Deuce inside his Ford pickup truck last Friday while he ran into the Walmart.

"About twenty minutes later, my truck was gone," said Hnatiuk. "Tragically, Deuce was in it and both are gone."

Hnatiuk said that Walmart management showed him surveillance footage from that afternoon.

"There's a silver (Dodge) Charger that shows up to my truck with a missing back bumper," said Hnatiuk. "Two people got out, got into my truck and within a minute, they were gone."

Nearly 10 miles east, near the intersection of Canadian and Robertson, Hnatiuk said that police did find a laptop computer that was also inside his truck.

"Several of us have been driving through there in hopes of maybe finding Deuce," Hnatiuk said. "I have no idea where he is right now," Hnatiuk said. "He needs some really good tender loving care."

Hnatiuk said there is a $500 reward for anyone who can help him get Deuce back home safely.

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