Trial of ex-HPD officer accused of beating Chad Holley nearing a close

Closing arguments in the trial of Drew Ryser are expected to begin Tuesday

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - The trial of a Houston police officer accused of beating a teenage burglar is nearing a close. Ex-HPD Officer Drew Ryser is accused of beating Chad Holley back in 2010.

Testimony wrapped up Friday afternoon after the defense put on its last witnesses -- two paid experts who testified Ryser did not use excessive force in the arrest of Holley.

The first witness Friday was former Texas Ranger Sgt. Jess Malone. He said as Ryser and other officers struggled to handcuff and Holley, he showed a high level of resistance.

Malone said the key thing the arrest video shows is that Ryser continued to go for Holley's hands. Malone echoed Ryser's earlier testimony that "Hands kill."

Malone said it followed his training by striking Holley with his hands knees and feet to try to stun and distract him. Referring to the video, Malone said, "Each and every step he took is acceptable."

The next witness up was Maurice Cook, the former Chief of the Texas Rangers, who now teaches law enforcement at Alvin Community college.  Cook testified that police officers are allowed to use reasonable force and that Ryser's actions that day were both reasonable and prudent.

After Cook's testimony, court adjourned early for the day.

Everyone returns Tuesday for final arguments and then this case goes to the jury.

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