Tree branch falls on car in Memorial Park

New concerns over drought's impact on trees

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - As Juven Jacob was exercising in Memorial Park, this week, he said a gust of wind blew a branch out of a tree and onto his car.  It happened near the popular stretching area near the tennis center.

"I heard a big, huge bang.," said Jacob. "Everybody turned around and looked in a certain direction. I had my headphones on and kept working out."

When he returned to his car, he found the branch had dented his trunk.  He added, "I went up to it and realized there was this huge limb on the car. It was, at that point, kind of on the ground. As I was walking to the car. A guy runs up to me and is like you just missed it."

The Houston Parks Department says workers have removed more than 2,300 trees killed by the drought.  Across the city, workers have removed more than 6, 500 trees from park property.  The City said the removal should be complete by early next year. 

Jacob warned his friends. 

"I always park right there in front of the stretching area because it's convenient. Right there in front. I posted it on Facebook today just to warn my friends that go to the park and are runners. It's pretty dangerous. I'm glad that they're clearing it out."

The parks department asked that you watch out for signs warning of workers cutting trees in the parks. 

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