Tour bus driver, passenger arrested on drug charges

Passengers forced to wait hours for replacement bus

SPLENDORA, Texas - A tour bus driver was arrested after investigators said they found packages of heroin and cocaine.

Montgomery County sheriff's deputies said they pulled an El Expresso tour bus over in Splendora because of a broken taillight around 10 p.m. Sunday.

The bust was made after an officer felt something was wrong with the driver, 54-year-old Juan Vorrath, during the stop.

"He, at that time, deployed narcotics canine. The dog did alert to an odor of narcotics coming from the vehicle. The search of the vehicle yielded a large amount of contraband," said Sgt. Kevin Ray with Montgomery County Sheriff's County.

Deputies found a total of 7,200 grams of cocaine, 3,300 grams of heroin and 89 grams of potent black tar heroine and an undisclosed amount of cash. Detectives said the drugs had a street value of about $1 million.

More than two dozen men, women and children on the tour bus had to wait for a replacement bus and driver to continue their trip from Houston to Chicago.

Vorrath and a passenger, 29-year-old Ramiro Trevino, were both arrested and charged with drug possession and money laundering.

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