Timeline of events in Spring High School stabbings

Students and parents described the scene as chaotic

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

SPRING, Texas - Students inside Spring High School on Wednesday described the scene as chaotic; many of them said they spent hours locked inside their classrooms not sure what was going on.

"Chaotic, yeah it was crazy," said Willie Sykes, a junior at Spring High. "Not knowing what was going on was chaotic."

For parents on the outside it was just as chaotic.  Many of them lined the streets near the school and waited to hear from their children, hoping they were safe.

"I just want to hear from my child and I want to know that he's OK," said one mother.

Another mother told Local 2, "I just want to hear from my child.  I want to know he's OK.  We would usually get a message from the district and we haven't even gotten that.  We haven't gotten anything."

Some parents said they did receive a message from school authorities, but that added to the confusion. One grandmother told reporters she was hearing conflicting information from the school district and her grandson, who was on lockdown inside the school.

"At first they called and said they were in the cafeteria, then the principal moved them to the classroom," she said.

A timeline of events shows that the students were allowed to go home about six hours after the stabbing occurred.  Angry parents said they were first told their children would be released at 10am, then the superintendent said around noon.

"We're hoping by noontime because there is still investigating going on that does involve questioning our students in the classroom," Spring ISD Superintendent Dr. Ralph Draper said. "We are planning to dismiss our students by noontime."

They were released at 1p.m.  A timeline of events below details when everything happened:

7:10am - Victims stabbed
7:10am - Nurse reports as many as five people stabbed
7:11am - Spring ISD police arrives at scene
7:15am - Harris County Sheriff's Office arrives at scene
8:12am - Persons of interests arrested
1:00am - Students leave campus

"It was very frustrating not knowing what was going on and getting notified late. It was frustrating and scary," said Lillian Deleon.

Other parents passed around paper and collected signatures -- they want action to be taken against the school's principal and possibly the superintendent.

"This is upsetting, " said Adrian Seijo, who is collecting the signatures. "We have to do something."

Local 2 reached out to the district for comment, but is still waiting to hear back.

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