Thieves ransack Little League concession stand

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - Baytown police are investigating two robberies inside the concession stand at the Baytown North Little League, that happened in just one week.

On Monday, workers discovered someone had smashed the Plexiglass and entered the kitchen, where they stole candy and food and ransacked the cooking area. 

On Wednesday, workers said the crooks got in again.

"It cost us $40 to $50 the other night and probably cost another $45 to $50 tonight to fix it," said Kyle Bilmoski, president of the Little League. "We had to take it out of our budget to fix it every time."

The concession's profits usually go toward field improvements and equipment for the players.

"Something like this really hurts the community," said Kenan Jones, a concerned parent.

"I just hope they get caught," said Bilmoski.  "And teach them a lesson that they shouldn't be doing that to the kids."

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