Thieves hit Galveston family recovering from Ike

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

GALVESTON, Texas - Thieves hit a family in Galveston that have been stuggling to recover from Hurricane Ike.

The concrete floors are bare, the kitchen is still under construction and the sheetrock is still fresh downstairs at the Love family's home in Galveston. 

Three and a half feet of water destroyed the Love's home. A week ago, thieves stole what the storm did not. 

Lisa Love said she came home to find burglars had broken into a back window, ransacked her home and stole about $20,000 in clothing, jewelry and electronics.

"They went through our Tupperware containers full of clothes and stuff. This whole rack had clothes on it. I mean filled. They took all of the clothes off," said Love. "It just makes me mad. We work two jobs each. We work hard for what we do. We try to help anybody out that needs it. But this is what somebody does because they're too lazy to go get a job. I'm ticked."

Five days after the burglary, Love told Local 2 someone came back and stole their now-recovered SUV. 

Galveston police said they have investigators assigned to both cases. Love said police told her Thursday night that they might have recovered some of her stolen belongings.

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